店名 NOW TRAVEL ShinOsaka
住所 大阪府 大阪市淀川区木川東2-8-22
最寄り駅 地下鉄西中島南方駅
道順 2-8-22,Kikawa-higashi,Yodogawaku,Osaka-shi,Osaka

Japnese adress:大阪府大阪市淀川区木川東2-8-22 (Please seach in google map with copying and past)

DIRECTIONS TO HOSTEL: Take the subway to Nishinakajima-Minamigata and exit tru EXIT 2 Turn right n cross the road n u will see Lawson Convenience store. Keep walking straight passing the Lawson and Family Mart and CAFE. Once u see a Supermarket, turn right into the small road. Keep walking straight n u will see the signage for OSAKA BACKPACKERS HOSTEL. Walk around the house and enter tru the main front door. ENJOY YOUR STAY!

20 min to walk to JR-line Shin-Osaka station.
8 min to walk to Mido-suji line Nishinakajima-minamigata station.
9 min to walk to Hankyu-line Minamikata statioin.
電話番号 06-7501-5153
営業時間 08:00 ~ 22:00
ラストオーダー 22:00
定休日 なし
クレジットカード VISA,JCB,MasterCard,American Express、Diners Club、Discover,Rakuten card
禁煙席 喫煙席なし
駐車場 駐車場なし
平均予算 2500円
設備・サービス privcate rooms
Free rental towel
Free Wi-Fi