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    乐虎国际平台_乐虎国际娱乐app-乐虎国际登陆party lessons


    November 30, China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Vice President, Chief Engineer Ge Chengquan all in the building materials Kaisheng robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. taught "two school one to do" the topic of party class.
    Ge Chengquan expounded the essence of "two studies and one do", pointed out that the "two schools to do a" learning and education, based on learning, the key to do, to actively guide the majority of party members in the work, study and life, the party's pioneer image tree Up, with action to reflect the power of faith. He stressed that the party's ideals and convictions are worth every party to pursue. He also discusses the importance of innovation from the perspective of enterprise development and analyzes the different levels of innovation. He pointed out that Kaisheng robot as a science and technology enterprises, should strive to achieve a higher level of innovation, innovation into the company management and product development, the full integration of the use of multi-resources, the company development and construction to a new level.

    After listening to the party class, Kaisheng robot executive vice president Chen Kun reported the company's development process, the main products and services, scientific and technological research and development results, the future development planning and so on. He said that Kaisheng robot attaches great importance to product development, personnel and the construction of scientific and technological achievements in the transformation of the future will be committed to become well-known scientific and technological enterprises and struggle.
    After the meeting, Ge Chengquan accompanied by Chen Kun and other companies, visited the various departments and members of the activities room, the company's development and the construction of the party organization to fully affirmed.

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