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    On Jan. 28th, the "Stacked Paper Stacking System Based on Flexible Manufacturing" project was awarded the third prize of "Shanghai Songjiang District Science and Technology Award" in 2014-2015.
    "Intelligent stacking paper system" project is Kaisheng robot will be the international advanced machine vision detection and analysis technology and industrial robot technology applied to the glass production industry, to achieve the dynamic tracking of glass, synchronous flight grading and grading stacking Function, the use of secondary positioning measurement system to solve the stacking accuracy problem, the use of flexible sucker structure, to solve the thin glass plate fragile, faster production stacking problem.
    "Songjiang District, Shanghai Science and Technology Award" is organized by the Songjiang District Science and Technology Commission assessment, is to reward in the scientific and technological progress activities to make outstanding contributions to individuals and organizations to mobilize the enthusiasm of science and technology personnel and creativity, and promote independent innovation and technology Progress, promote social and economic development and social development. This honor is on the Kaisheng robot continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of intelligent development of the recognition of the Kaisheng robot continued to promote the transformation of scientific research for the industry automation and information technology development have a positive effect.

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