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    On the afternoon of February 21, Qiu Ping, President of Shanghai Industrial Investment (limited) Group, was accompanied by Mr. Peng Shou, Chairman and President of China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd., to visit the CNBM triumph robotics(shanghai)CO., LTD.
    Mr. Chen Kun, executive vice president of Kaisheng robot, made a specific report on the work in 2016. He focused on the company's business performance, product development and technological innovation and other work, introduced the company's independent research and development of ITO conductive film fully automated production lines and three-dimensional intelligent storage and many other innovative achievements. He said that in 2017 the company will strive to complete the three objectives and tasks set by the board of directors, that is, to expand the business areas, sales revenue on the steps to R & D building construction as an opportunity to research and development steps to the company management year as an opportunity to fine management on the steps.
      Peng Shou highly praised the rapid development of Kaisheng robot in recent years, affirmed the company's business performance, team building and innovation. He stressed that 2017 is a key year for Kaiser's robotics companies to develop longer-term goals and struggle to achieve revenue and profit doubling. At the same time, the company should pay attention to cultivate high-level talent and enhance the influence of cross-sectoral areas, China Building Materials Engineering Group will give full support. Finally, Peng Sheng asked Kaisheng robot in 2017 to achieve stronger, so excellent, bigger goals. Do not live up to the industry leaders of the ardent hope, efforts to "Kaisheng robot" into the world's best brands.
    Qiu Ping praised the Kaisheng robot in the innovation made outstanding achievements, he believes that technology is the support of enterprises, the market is the top priority. Kaisheng robot's success is because of the good technology, innovation and market closely together, I believe Kaisheng robot will be China Building Materials Engineering Group, a major highlight.
    Shanghai Gong Investment Group Investment General Manager Time, Wang Yongjie, China Building Materials Engineering Group Executive Vice President Sun Jianan, Vice President, Kaisheng robot chairman Xing Baoshan, accompanied by inspection


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