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    CNBM Triumph Robotics (Shanghai) Co. ,Ltd.Welcome to join us...


    Recruitment: Automation Engineer


    ·AGE:20一40岁        · Gender:Not limited to        ·Education:College        ·date:2017-01-01

    ·ADD:Shanghai        ·work:full time            ·work experience:A year      ·Valid period:60




    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above in industrial automation, automation instrument, electromechanical integration and so on;
    Have relevant work experience;
    3. Familiar with the Siemens 300,1200 series PLC; Schneider Quantum series PLC, Mitsubishi FX, Q series PLC, independently completed more than 100 points control system configuration, programming, hardware design and on-site debugging work; familiar with the servo motion control , And the inverter external I / O and communication control mode;
    4. Familiar with KUKA ABB, Kawasaki and other industrial robots, with teaching and offline programming capabilities; the use of robots made stacking, welding or coating of the project;
    5. Experience in the selection of equipment with automation system / electrical project, with the experience of design, installation guidance and on-site commissioning of automation system / electrical project.
    6. English four, can adapt to frequent travel, with a rigorous and meticulous work attitude, a strong sense of responsibility, strong learning comprehension, good cooperation and communication skills.

    Work description:
    1. Responsible for or assist in pre-sales technical support for the project, including program design and cost estimation;
    2. To complete some or all of the work of the automation project implementation, including component selection, electrical drawing design, control system configuration and PLC programming, configuration programming, electrical installation guidance, on-site commissioning and so on;
    3. Responsible for the technical support work of the automation project, including the introduction to the customer system, operation and maintenance training and so on;
    4. Responsible for robot application design, program preparation, commissioning and after-sale technical support work;
    5. Write documentation such as instruction manual, operation manual, user manual and fault description.
    6. Organize the implementation of the project information, as well as the project information filing

    Address: Room 912, Liqin Building, 1885, Metro Road, Minhang District
    Zip code: 201108
    Contact: Miss Jin


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